3D TECH Earns First Review on Clutch, Debuts with Perfect 5 Star Rating

It is true that design has come a long way. There are many ways on how you can model and sculpt products today, but digital is surely the most popular way to go. From creating 3D models, scanning, and printing, the modern-day techs have surely helped the industry a lot in the past few years. 3D TECH is a company that utilizes these technologies and incorporates them in our designing process and services.
We are proud to say that our team is one of the most experienced companies that provided 3D services in Ukraine. Our strengths lie in our incredible talent and knowledge in R& D and CAD. The team handles more than 1,000 projects every year and we are passionate about each and every one of these.
As a matter of fact, one project that stood out for us is one where we partnered with a consumer electronics company named GHH Innovations. They tapped our company to deliver 3D scanning and prototyping. The client wanted to print out their CAD models and create mockups that will be later used in their engineering lab.
For this specific job, our team had to bust 3 different printers in order to accommodate the client’s requests. We utilized SLA, SLS, and FDM depending on the type of quality that the client wanted. As for our team, we deployed two engineers, a project manager, and a product lead in order to make sure that the project will run smoothly as possible.

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The collaboration was awesome, so are the finished products! We enjoyed working with the client and they showed the same interest towards us. To elaborate more on the partnership here is Andriy Kit of GHH Innovations:

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“They’re very proactive, which isn’t typical for Ukraine. 3D TECH is a young team with great ideas, and they grow fast. They’re also involved in local city events, and they’ve helped our council with great things, such as making a 3D print of the opera house.”
We are ecstatic when we read this review! We are glad the client was able to appreciate our team’s effort in making this project a success.

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