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3d printing

Printing type FDM, with different accuracy and height of the printing layer, product size 0.5m - the component part is more than a meter

printing SLA, DLP, UV SLA creates high-precision models.
The working area allows you to - print meter parts

SLS powder printing is available in two versions: polyamide or metal powder. Details are accurate and correspond to all characteristics

Largest Object Scans
The Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet
3d scanning

3D scanning of engineering parts and spare parts. creating three-dimensional models with an accuracy of 10 microns

Scanning of objects of architecture, building facades. Laser scanning of architectural monuments and photogrammetry.

Scanning bas-relief, art objects, sculptures, monuments and monuments. Field scan to the desired point

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3d modeling

The ability to create a 3D model of engineering objects and parts. With the subsequent possibility of printing on a 3D printer

Creation of a three-dimensional model in the software for sculpting, according to sketches or references

Creating a 3D model from a point cloud after scanning 3D scanner - to improve parts or manufacturing on CNC, thermoplastics, 3D printer, etc.

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